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  • On April 27, 2023, P3 Officer Spires arrived on the scene of a suicide attempt call about someone threatening to jump off the fourth floor of a parking deck.

  • Officer Spires pleaded for over an hour and was successfully able to talk him away from the edge and into medical care. 

  • Due to Officer Spires's heroic actions, a man's life was saved.  






  • Sgt Cooper has worked for the Cobb County Police Department since 2011 where he started in Precinct 3 before going to the VIPER Unit which focuses on the apprehension of violent felons and taking criminal guns off the street. 

  • He left the VIPER Unit to become a Field Training Officer in Precinct 1 before promoting to Sergeant and being assigned to Precinct 5. Since coming to Precinct 5 he has used his skills in criminal interdiction to reduce crime in his precinct and more importantly, he shares his knowledge with the next generation of upcoming officers. 

  • Sergeant Cooper regularly identifies and stops impaired drivers and shows a passion for removing these dangerous operators from the roadways. He regularly calls newer officers to the scene and coaches them on how to conduct a proper DUI investigation to make them more comfortable making these sometimes difficult cases.


  • Prior to working for CCPD, Sergeant Cooper served with both the Paulding County and Cobb County Sheriff’s Offices and has a total of 23 years in law enforcement. 

  • Sgt Cooper is also a veteran of the United States Army and retired from the National Guard as a Master Sergeant.





  • FTO Beiermann came to Precinct 1 Evening Watch in late 2022 and immediately established himself as a leader and mentor on an already exceptional shift.  FTO Beiermann’s colleagues quickly recognized him for his level of job knowledge and as someone they could go to for advice on handling calls.  
    FTO Beiermann is a well-rounded officer who can be tasked with handling any call with aplomb.  FTO Beiermann’s work ethic leads to obvious results which are reflected in the fact that he is always among the shift leaders in arrests made, citations written, and calls for service handled.  However, his effect is further reaching.
    FTO Beiermann recently took a call from a hospital in another county where a male showed up with a badly broken arm, needing plates to repair it, among other injuries from an assault in Cobb County.  Many officers would have just written the report and sent it to detectives to investigate as leads got cold and other cases may have pushed it aside.  FTO Beiermann instead decided to spearhead the investigation himself.  FTO Beiermann spoke with the victim and a witness and gathered information about the suspects and their social media accounts.  FTO Beiermann then used this information and other tools to identify all three suspects in the assault and even interviewed the primary aggressor.  This thorough investigation led to a felony arrest warrant for the primary aggressor and misdemeanor arrest warrants for the two accomplices.
    While working a secondary job at Cumberland Mall in March of 2023, FTO Beiermann was also the initial officer to engage, pursue, and arrest a homicide suspect from Miami, Florida.  
    Due to his aptitude and level of professionalism, FTO Beiermann has been tasked with assisting the ATF and Homeland Security in the past two months on investigations in Cobb County.  
    FTO Beiermann will now begin the next chapter in his career as he begins training his next recruit in September of 2023; allowing him to impart his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of Cobb County Police Officers.


  • FTO Beiermann joined the Cobb County Police Department in 2015 after 6 years of service in the United States Army. 

  • FTO Beiermann was first assigned to Precinct 3 where he served as an officer and as an FTO until 2021.

  • FTO Beiermann then joined the MCS – COBRA Unit. FTO Beiermann came to join Precinct 1 Evening Watch in November of 2022. 

  • In his free time, FTO Beiermann enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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JULY 2023




  • Officer Borah has been employed with the Cobb County Police Department for four years and eight months. He is a well-rounded officer who is tactically and procedurally proficient, and whose productivity in terms of arrests and citations is well above the average for the entirety of the Precinct. He is a member of the Department’s SWAT Team, and routinely imparts tactical knowledge upon fellow shift officers to better help them perform their duties. He has volunteered to teach classes to the shift to better prepare them for tasks which require a tactical approach.

  • An example of his dedication to the profession would be from July 1st 2023, when he conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle he recognized to be associated with an individual whom he knew to be wanted for financial transaction card fraud. He stopped the vehicle after recognizing the passenger was the subject in question. He detained the individual once he had another officer to assist him. The subject was found to also be in possession of felony narcotics (heroin). Officer Borah did a great job of removing a habitual offender from the streets of Cobb County, who stole from innocent parties. It is of significant note Officer Borah stopped this vehicle after he had left the Precinct for the day- after concluding his shift- and did so knowing he would have to stay and work well past his normal off-duty time.

  • Officer Borah is a former Marine with nine years of service to his Nation.

  • He is married and a father to two sons.


JUNE 2023




  • Officer Day has been one of the most proactive Officers in the Precinct over the past several months.

  • Over the past 2 months, Officer Day has led Pct3 Evening Watch in almost every trackable category in regards to dispatches handled and self-initiated activity. He is generally number one in most categories and if he is not the leader, he is typically among the top three. 
    He has responded to over 467 calls for service, effected over 45 arrests, and issued over 150 citations. 
    Within the past week, Officer Day observed a male who was involved in a criminal trespass issue at a local business. As Officer Day confronted the male, the suspect fled on foot. Officer Day pursued the male until the suspect gave up and he was apprehended. 

  • The following day, Officer Day initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle near a gas station parking lot and the driver attempted to flee. Officer Day, thinking quickly, initiated a PIT maneuver immediately and prevented a motor vehicle pursuit where the driver could have endangered other motorist even if he was not pursued by police. A firearm was discovered in the vehicle and the suspect was a convicted felon. 

  • The very next day, Officer Day responded to assist Zone 4 with a suspect who fled from officers and into the wood line. Officer Day located the suspect hiding under a bridge. The suspect once again fled on foot where Officer Day followed in a lengthy foot pursuit until the suspect was apprehended and safely taken into custody.

  • Officer Day’s commitment to the Precinct, his work, and to the citizens has been nothing less than exemplary.


MAY 2023




  • Employed with the Cobb County Police for 17 years.  Previously employed by the Atlanta Police   Department for 3 years.  Vast knowledge of patrol and criminal investigations.

  • Member of Cobb County Police Department’s Honor Guard as the Bagpiper for 10 years.

  • Expertise in crimes involving South American Theft Groups (SATG) that target victims of Asian/Indian descent.  He is sought out nationwide for these incidents for help in identifying suspects.

  • To date, has assisted in the identification and arrest of dozens of suspects involving crimes with a total loss to exceed $5 million dollars.

  • He teaches classes at the Cobb County Police Academy about these crimes.  Topics include uniform response, apprehension techniques, investigative steps, and prosecution of suspects.

  • As the Honor Guard’s Bagpiper, has played Law Enforcement Memorials for Cobb County, Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, and John’s Creek.  Has previously played for the Governor of Georgia.


  • Volunteers teaching bagpiping to new students with the Atlanta Pipe Band.
    Volunteers with audio/visual ministry at his church.
    Enjoys exercising and spending time with his Siberian Husky.


APRIL 2023




  • On 03/13/23, an entering auto occurred at a day care in West Cobb.  The day care had surveillance video of the incident. The vehicle description was obtained from the video. FLOCK identified the same vehicle was a stolen Georgia license plate. Officers checked the area. The FLOCK cameras at Lost Mtn. Park caught the suspect vehicle entering the park. Officers attempted to contain the suspect vehicle inside the park but were unsuccessful. During the encounter with the suspect driver, an officer’s body worn camera captured the suspect’s face. The suspect vehicle sped away and struck other motorists on Dallas Hwy.  The vehicle was later found and processed, and the case was assigned to Det. Richardson who worked tirelessly to determine who the suspects were.

  • The car had been a rental from Florida and Det. Richardson was able to locate the person that rented it and developed a suspect who was the renter’s son.  During the investigation it was determined surveillance pictures matched the suspect and he had multiple warrants for entering auto from other jurisdictions.

  • Det. Richardson charged the primary suspect with entering auto, obstruction, attempt to elude, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, affixing license plate to conceal identity of a vehicle, and hit and run.  This is just one of many cases that Det. Richardson has been involved in with successful resolution.  The suspects were later caught in another jurisdiction committing more entering autos and the second suspect has been identified.  The investigation into that suspect is ongoing with fingerprint matching.


  • Det. Richardson is assigned to the Precinct 5 Criminal investigation unit.  He is an 11-year law enforcement veteran who has spent his time making a huge impact in the area of West Cobb area through his selfless service to the community.  Det. Richardson is also a former Field Training Officer and made a huge impact on training our new officers.

Cole Photo.jpg

MARCH 2023




  • Officer Cole has been employed with the Cobb County Police Department since July 2020 and serves
    Precinct 1 Morning Watch.

  • Officer Cole routinely picks up extra shifts, allowing his fellow officers time off.

  • Officer Cole often responds as a backup to officers on different shifts or precincts, even on his way to work.

  • Officer Cole is the definition of a team player, as evidenced when one of his coworkers was having trouble with firearm training. Officer Cole went with that officer to open range and assisted them with their shooting skills.

  • Despite his absences due to required military training, his work product remains at the top of all categories.


  • Officer Cole has served in the military for almost six years, 3 of those as a firefighter

  • He currently lives in Dallas, GA, with his wife, Chandler

  • In his free time, he likes to run, fish, camp, shoot, and kayak

  • Officer Cole is also certified as a dispatcher

Carrillo 2_edited.jpg





  • Employed with the Cobb County Police for 4 years.  Serves on Precinct 2 Morning Watch.
    A self-driven officer who strives to be proactive in locating and investigating criminal activity during the overnight hours.

  • Routinely leads shift in productivity.

  • An example of his recent work is an arrest he made overnight on January 9, 2023.  During his routine patrols, he observed a suspicious car in a park and initiated an immediate investigation.  The vehicle was occupied by an adult male and juvenile female which raised Officer Carrillo’s suspicions considering the time and location.  Using his skills he has developed over his career, he discovered the male was an internet predator who had solicited the young girl through social media and led her away from home.  He conducted himself carefully, gathered necessary physical evidence, and obtained a confession.  His outstanding work in this case reflects his daily performance and is a fantastic example to his peers.  His action in this case greatly impacted the life a young child of the community and put a predatory offender in jail.  Furthermore, through electronic intelligence gathered by Officer Carrillo, follow up investigators were able to identify additional past victims of this perpetrator and take additional criminal charges.


  • Prior to his law enforcement career, Officer Carrillo served as Military Police with the army for five years.

  • He enjoys shooting sports and working out.

  • He spends most of his free time with his six year old son.

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  • Officer Emin Alekerov has been with Cobb County Police Department since 2015.
    Officer Aleskerov is a strong asset to CCPD and the community. When you speak to Aleskerov he loves his job as a police officer and truly enjoys serving his community.  
    On September 22, Officer Aleskerov was dispatched to a medical call from a mother who advised her baby was choking.   Officer Aleskerov located the complainant on Windy Ridge Pkwy and began life saving procedures on the baby. Officer Aleskerov’s efforts were successful and the baby regained consciousness. The baby was turned over to medical personnel and made a full recovery.


  • Aleskerov was born in Russia and moved to the United States with his family for a better life in 1994 when he was only seven years old. 
    Aleskerov then went on to serve in the United States Army (Infantry). He spent three years on active duty, and seven years in the National Guard. During that time he was also in Honduras with his unit and trained the Honduran soldiers marksmanship and soldiering in their struggle against the cartels.
    He reached the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Army and was hired on by CCPD in Aug 2015. He also won a soccer championship at Fort Benning, GA while stationed there.






  • Officer Williams came to the Cobb County Police Department after graduating from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He is now a six-year veteran and currently serves as a Field Training Officer (FTO) in East Cobb at Precinct 4.
    Officer Williams shows a strong dedication to his shift, department, and the citizens of Cobb County. He has trained new police recruits who are fresh out of the police academy almost non-stop during this past year.
    Officer Williams also assists the police academy staff with conducting scenario based training for recruits throughout the year. 
    As an FTO and one of the most senior officers on the shift, Officer Williams is looked to for advice from other officers. He readily gives advice, counsel, and help when it is needed and does so in a tactful way. Officer Williams demonstrates great leadership skills.
    Officer Williams frequently works areas of the precinct with higher call volumes and crime rates and actively seeks to improve those areas through his proactive approach to patrol. He and fellow officers recently received notification of an aggravated assault suspect in a vehicle, and they successfully took the suspect into custody. They then received notification of an armed robbery suspect in another vehicle and took that subject into custody as well. Both felony vehicle stops were conducted in a period of only about 11 minutes. FTO Williams frequently takes illegal guns, narcotics, and wanted persons off the street.
    Officers from Precinct 4 recently encountered a mother and her 9-year-old daughter who were homeless and living in a car just before Thanksgiving. After initially having some difficulty securing resources for the family, the officers decided it would be unacceptable for the mother and daughter to be separated during the holidays and pitched in their own money for a hotel room to house them for a week. Officer Williams was instrumental in helping secure the family longer term resources including a place to stay at MUST Ministries while they get back on their feet.


  • Officer Williams enjoys traveling the United States and abroad. He recently took a trip to several European countries including Switzerland, where he would like to return and spend more time. He is also a movie buff and a passionate Tennessee Volunteers fan.






  • Ofc. Calhoun is a six year veteran of the Cobb County Police Department, having served since 2016. He currently serves the citizens of West Cobb at Precinct 5.
    Ofc. Calhoun possesses a strong work ethic and a desire to help those he encounters on the job and also his fellow officers. 
    Ofc. Calhoun is a reliable person and promotes a positive work environment and high morale amongst his coworkers by serving as a senior member of his shift. 
    He desires to be a detective within the department and has taken specialized training to further himself towards that goal. 
    Ofc. Calhoun also volunteers his time to assist the Crisis Negotiation Team for the department.

  • On 09/08/22, Ofc. Calhoun was one of the first responding Cobb County Police officers to the tragic murders of two Cobb County Sheriff’s Office deputies. Ofc. Calhoun immediately recognized that the shooter had a tactical advantage on incoming responders and he commanded the scene by getting deputies to a safe location to render aid to the fallen deputies. Ofc. Calhoun evacuated one of the fallen deputies with his patrol vehicle and relayed critical information to other incoming officers, ultimately leading to the safe apprehension of the shooter.


  • Ofc. Calhoun enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and attending various sporting events.

  • Prior to being a police officer, he worked in the automotive industry.





  • Employed with the Cobb County Police since January 2020 and is the statistical leader in virtually every single category for Precinct 1 Morning Watch.

  • Focuses on criminal interdiction, with an emphasis on large scale drug arrests.
    Staff Sergeant with the Army National Guard; there he responsible for the personal and professional development of 25+ reserve soldiers.

  • On October 2, 2022, Officer Marsicek came to the aid of a fellow officer with assisting them in a physical arrest on I-75 North at Barrett Pkwy. Officer Marsicek positioned his patrol vehicle between his beat partner and the motoring public to provide safety. While assisting the Officer, a DUI driver slammed into the rear of Officer Marsciek’s vehicle, pinning him between another patrol vehicle and the guard rail. Officer Marsicek received serious injuries from the collision, which resulted in one surgery and several days in the hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery and anxiously awaits to return to work. His selfless act that night resulted in two lives being saved from the DUI driver.


  • Raised in Jasper, Georgia
    Attended Middle Georgia State University with a full scholarship to play soccer. It was there he met his fiancé, Amanda.

  • On his free time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and they plan to be married in November 2022.

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  • Employed with Cobb County Police for 5 years.

  • Officer Batzinger is a driven officer who strives to be proactive in locating and investigating criminal activity. 

  • Officer Batzinger is instrumental in training up newer officers to the shift and setting them on a good path for success. 

  • Officer Batzinger is knowledgeable in drug law, traffic law, and most all aspects of police work. 

  • Officer Batzinger will routinely take investigations further than the initial report.  One example of this is a vehicle pursuit that Officer Batzinger was involved in on September 12, 2021.  While the suspect was able to ditch the stolen vehicle he was in and flee on foot evading capture, Officer Batzinger was able to use evidence from inside the car to identify his suspect, obtain a warrant on the suspects Instagram, and connect him to a gun that was tossed during the chase.  This evidence lead Atlanta Police to being able to charge the suspect with a shooting that was committed inside the city of Atlanta.  Officer Batzinger’s determination in this investigation was over and above what was required of him and took a dangerous offender off the streets.  These types of investigations are common for Officer Batzinger and have resulted in several cases being solved that may not have been without his involvement.


  • Officer Batzinger is also a Lieutenant with the US Army and has served there for 5 years.

  • Officer Batzinger has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western New England University.

  • Officer Batzinger enjoys golf, shooting sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Officer Spires.png





  • Joined Bartow County Sheriffs Office weeks after graduating from High School and worked with them for 4 years.    

  • Joined the Cobb County Police Department team in March of 2022.

  • He hit the ground running, leading the shift in productivity throughout Field Training, with no sign of slowing down.

  • Already he has taken a dozen guns off the street, most accompanied by illegal narcotics and thousands of dollars in cash.


  • Originally from North Georgia.

  • He and his wife spend all their free time preparing for the arrival of a baby girl.

Ofc J. Stone.jpg

JULY 2022




  • Employed with Cobb County for 9 years.

  • Member of Cobb County Police Department's SWAT Team since 2016.

  • Highly trained in the tactics that are utilized in extremely high-stress related calls for service (Hostage situations, barricaded subjects and active shooters).

  • It is not only his knowledge that makes him distinguishable, it is also the strong desire to ensure all of this fellow Officers possess similar skills.

  • He routinely engages with his fellow officers to provide scenario based training that incorporates hands-on application of the correct skill sets to ensure our performance is correct. Whether it be dynamic room entry, proper ballistic shield usage, single officer and double officer active shooter engagement, or best practices in terms of building clearing techniques, the sharing of his knowledge and his desire to ensure his fellow beat partner is adequately trained is to be commended.


  • Enjoys hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and exercising.

  • Volunteers teaching mountain biking safety to the youth and helps maintain biking trails in Cobb County and Paulding County.

  • Prior to being a police officer, he spent 8 years working on cranes throughout the United States.

Ferguson (1).jpg

JUNE 2022




  • 22 years of Law Enforcement with 6 years with Atlanta PD and 16 years with Cobb PD.  He has been a Field Training Officer for 3 years with Atlanta PD and 8 years with Cobb PD. 

  • Member of the Crisis Negotiation Team for 3 years with Cobb PD.

  • Focuses on traffic enforcement.

  • Community Orientated Officer.


  • Raised in CT and came to GA in 2000.

  • Volunteers in the community for the High School Football Booster Club, GA Middle School Athletic Association Football Manager, Police Athletic League, and Youth wrestling, football, and lacrosse.  

  • On his free time he enjoys spending time with family, camping, and boating. 

Officer Posada May 2022.png

MAY 2022




  • Tenaciously seeks out dangerous felons each day and puts forth tremendous effort to bring them to justice. 

  • Consistently leads his shift in felony arrests.

  • Ranks in the top 3, in his shift, in overall productivity each month through proactive community policing.  

  • Utilizes online research and interpersonal investigative skills to pinpoint the location of violent criminals. 


  • Member of Cobb County Police Department since 2019.

  • Native to GA, born to parents who immigrated from Medellin, Columbia. 

  • On his free time he enjoys working out, biking, kayaking, traveling and spending long weekends with his wife.

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